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Hotel Hotel Sunday 3:22 AM
170602_ Brutti-ma-Buoni_CBR_ Arnad Hajdic_Image-14

Brutti was very Buoni

'Brutti ma Buoni' is the name of a biscuit. It literally translates from Italian as 'ugly but nice'. It's also the name of the short film we commissioned about Brutalist architecture in Canberra.

The Botanical Gardens

Somewhere Else

Photos by Abigail Varney of Canberra.

Jim White and George Xylouris

Xylouris White

You can’t walk into a Xylouris White gig and not not walk out a little different.

Queanbeyan tennis club shot by Lee Grant

Some Canberra tennis clubs

Whooot! Summer! We're so glad you're finally here. If we could kiss you on the mouth we would.

Wee Jasper landscape shot by Lee Grant

Lee’s Landscapes

A collection of photos by Lee Grant taken on bush walks in and around Canberra.

Hotel Hotel room chair shot by U-P.

A fold of chairs

The collective noun for chairs is a fold of chairs. There is also such a thing as a fold of sheep. And a fold of cattle. An unkindness of ravens. A flight of stairs. There is a mob of wombats...

160826 Sleepover Lisa Sorgini10

When Lisa Sorgini Slept Over

Lisa Sorgini came and slept over the other week. She gave a new nice meaning to getting egg on your face.

Axel Moline _ Back Roads to Canberra4jpg

The Backroads to Canberra

Axel Moline of 'Love Want' has come to stay a few times now... He always takes the backroads when he comes down from Sydney... And he always takes good photos.

151209 Daily Rituals Jessica Tremp9

Daily Rituals by Jessica Tremp

Jessica Tremp came to stay and she took some photos while she was here. We made a visual essay with them.

O'Connor Tennis Club shot by Lee Grant

Getting on the Grass

I would have liked to put it down to something less superficial but in reality it was romance and good looks that got me interested in tennis.