Steven Siegel created two public art installations at Hotel Hotel’s home, the NewActon precinct.


Carbon is a tentacled beast of salvaged tyres and rubber that has attached itself to the Nishi building’s facade. Paper is a big peaceful installation made of overprints of newspapers set amongst an Australian native landscape.

Steven’s idea of nature isn’t quite natural. His landscapes are altered not only by human presence but also by the messes and materials we organise around us. In the same way that a burial disturbs the earth around it, Steven’s works aren’t a neutral part of the landscape, but a flat and plumb reminder of our own desire to be upright.

Two of his recurring themes have been the layering of flat materials – newspaper, shredded rubber, stones and grasses – as well as an interest in containers – the complex and capsulated forms that gave rise to early organisms. These are currently culminating in longer-form works that re-visit earlier materials. The resulting works conjure a mythic place and therefore echo prehistoric time.

Since the early 1990s, Steven has been experimenting with newspaper structures in a series of works exploring the idea of a New Geology – referencing the reshuffling of the earth intermixed with human refuse.

You can read about Steven’s installations at NewActon here.