Broached Commissions made the Hotel Hotel Broached pieces in the foyer. 


Broached Commissions was engaged to create contextual design responses – in the form of furniture and lighting – to the Hotel Hotel venture. Many of the works found in the hotel’s foyer spaces are the result of the Hotel Hotel Broached collaboration with Nectar Efkarpidis (Hotel Hotel’s co-founder) and Don Cameron (Hotel Hotel’s aesthetic curator).

The company process is one of contextualisation and scholar driven. For the Hotel Hotel collection, creative director Lou Weis worked with curator John McPhee to guide the design team through the history of high-design in Canberra. The Broached response to the Hotel Hotel context was to the relationship between Hotel Hotel, the sustainability and community focus of the project, and those same interests held by the first architects of Canberra, The Burley Griffins.

Broached Commissions has three founding permanent design members – Trent Jansen, Adam Goodrum and Charles Wilson. The Hotel Hotel Broached Commission includes works by Adam and Charles as well as Anna-Wili Highfield and Lucy McRae.

You can read more about the thoughts and process behind the Broached Commission pieces in the hotel foyer here.