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Welcome to Hotel Hotel and the Design Icon Apartments.  We would like to take this opportunity to advise you further in relation to our policy regarding ‘No Parties’.


Our intent, as an accommodation provider, is for all of our guests to enjoy the comfort and facilities we offer. We ask for your co-operation in this by being mindful of the comfort of other guests and residents when using electrical/electronic or other devices within your apartment or when moving through corridors and common areas.


Our ‘No Party’ policy which was also included on all booking confirmations will be strictly enforced. Our rooms and apartments are to be used for accommodation. The hosting of visitors in the room or apartment is only to be undertaken when this is reasonably incidental to the registered guests use of the room or apartment as their place of accommodation. The rooms and apartments are not to be used as venues for functions or events which may cause unreasonable disturbance to others.


Hotel Hotel management may evict a guest or visitor, should conditions warrant.  Physical abuse towards staff, residents, other guests or security personnel will result in eviction.


Any person[s], who Hotel Hotel staff reasonably believe be creating excessive noise or having a party will be warned by management to cease immediately, if this request is ignored then eviction will happen without refund.


We ask you to contact the Hotel Hotel reception staff should you experience other guests acting unreasonably.


Thank You.


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