In and around Hotel Hotel there are lots of little nooks to eat and drink at.


With something for everyone from health nuts to night owls. Meals, meetings, and celebrations great and small are catered for from dawn to almost-dawn.

Except for the Monster, these places are all in the broader NewActon precinct.

Monster kitchen and bar

Monster kitchen and bar wanders through the ground floor of Hotel Hotel, preoccupied with local and seasonal produce prepared for sharing. The kitchen and bar team guide her through her multiple personalities as she shifts from lucidity to debauchery between 6.30AM and 1AM every day.


6.30AM to 1AM every day
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Močan & Green Grout

The original favourite. Fair-trade coffee, produce sourced from local farmers, herbs grown in the planter at the front door – they deliver on their passion for all things local. Breakfast and lunch menus are seasonal and local (if you hadn’t already guessed) and the ever changing dinner menu is a collection of shared dishes inspired by diverse cooking traditions. BYO only (which you can get down the road at TwentyOne Cafe and Groceries).

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A restaurant that serves bistro style food, sells break, good coffee and pastries. The restaurant works hard to serve up food made from as local ingredients as possible – its signature bread is made from organic milled wheat, the coffee is roasted by its owners, many of the vegetables are grown on the owner’s own land and they have a pastry chef… Enough said.

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Black Market

This is an underground bar that sits underneath A.Baker. They have many kinds of spirits and also many kinds of cocktails. If you feel like having a chat about how you get the taste of a duck into a bottle of gin this is the place for you.

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Parlour Wine Room

The Parlour Wine Room is a hoard of beautiful antiques, excellent jazz and a great service culture all combining to deliver a European 1920s-inspired dining experience. Enjoy central European food and Spanish tapas, desserts (served late into the evening), cocktails, and an extensive wine list. Don’t forget the lunch service.

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Bicicletta is open for dinners – it specialises in simple and traditional Italian food. Homemade pastas complemented by an ever-changing selection of traditional and modern sauces. A small number of meat and fish dishes round out the menu… And pizza.

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TwentyOne Cafe and Groceries

TwentyOne is open for breakfast, lunch and brunch…

And they are also a grocery store to get all the important things like wine and chocolate and toilet paper…

And they have an ATM.

It’s all very convenient.

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