Anna-Wili Highfield has created the chandeliers for the Hotel Hotel lobby.


The Owl and The Bogong Moth – are made from the skins of culled kangaroos.

Anna-Wili was a guest artist in the Hotel Hotel Broached Commission endeavour. She was invited by the Broached team to consider the collision, caused by the founding of Canberra in the early 20th Century, between animal migration and the new city. The results are two works that entangle nature, metal and light.

Aside from this commission, most of Anna-Wili’s sculptures are stitched together from archival cotton paper. These works explore the organic qualities and resistance of paper, generating a tension between the complex realism of form and the limitations and economy of the materials used. They represent animal life with a vibrant immediacy that conveys the peculiar agility of different creatures. Her aim is to engineer a moment of contact with nature in a way that emphasises both the startling differences and similarities of human and animal forms and consciousness.

You can read more about Anna-Wili’s work on the The Owl and the The Bogong Moth lights here.