Andy Marks is a research investigator for Object Therapy.

Andy Marks is the Program Director of Hotel Hotel’s Fix and Make. He is a social entrepreneur and serial innovator who is drawn to the fault line where society, business, culture and sustainability meet. As a social entrepreneur, he launched SleepingBags Social Enterprise – a UK based textiles up cycling brand that has remade over 11,000 kilos of end of life luxury hotel bed linen in to tote bags, sleepwear and accessories. He’s a leading thinker on grass roots movements in cities around the world. He founded the Vivacity think tank that observed, reported on and celebrated over 200 city based grassroots movements through panel discussions, and online and offline publications. Andy believes the fixers and makers movements around the world are a force for positive change, re-skilling communities, supporting life long learning, stimulating the local economy, creating resilient networks and empowering us all to take back control of our possessions.