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Image - ‘Shearers’ Quarters’ in Bruny Island, Tasmania designed by JWA in 2011. Photograph by Erieta Attali.

‘Coincidences’ John Wardle Architects


‘Coincidences’ is an exploration of the work of John Wardle Architects (JWA) carried out by a series of prominent architectural photographers and artist, Peter Kennedy. This exhibition interrogates the boundaries between public and private spaces. Can a foyer have the intimacy of a living room? How might a house have the civic atmosphere of a university hall? Photographers each visited two JWA buildings and took a single image of each site. The images are presented as a pair; thus drawing out points of commonality, ‘coincidences’, across seemingly unconnected architectural contexts.

When:Wednesday 18 January – Friday 17 February 2017
Where:Nishi Gallery

It’s best to double check that events are happening – sometimes things don’t go to plan.
“Stercus accidit.” — David Hume.