Ruslan Salbiev makes our bread.


Working from A.Baker just across the road from Hotel Hotel, Russian baker Ruslan hails from Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia (in the South of Russia). He is from a long line of bakers and his signature bread is a slow fermented sourdough.

Ruslan’s hand moulding skills, especially for this sourdough, reflect the authentic traditional European ways of making bread. He says that bakers aren’t special but he concedes that it does take a certain courage to work the crazy abnormal hours that baking requires. According to Ruslan it also takes good hand-eye coordination and common sense…. But as we know common sense is never to be found without a little bit of folly (as Ruslan puts it himself) – for him this involves a croissant every morning (baked following a recipe Ruslan found in a small village in the south of France…).

You can read more about Ruslan and A.Baker here.