Not Wow

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(1 of 1) 'Metallic Tower' Kirsten Perry shot by Lee Grant.

Not Wow

Hotel Hotel Projects, Exhibition

Paper can be folded. Clay can be squished. Wood can be sawn. Metal can be bent. It’s pretty obvious and unremarkable but pretty amazing at the same time. On visiting sacred spaces in Australia and Japan, it was the material of the object that really made an impression on Kirsten Perry.

For ‘Not Wow’, an exhibition curated by Mr Kitly for our Cabinets on the ground floor, Perry used these materials to create a series of totems of moments that hold personal significance – a joke, a tea break chat, a good memory. The objects alluded to folk craftsmanship and subconscious spiritual rituals.


(1 of 5) 'Zig Zag Thing' by Kirsten Perry.

(2 of 5) 'I’m (watching) admiring you' by Kirsten Perry.

(3 of 5) 'Golden Moment' by Kirsten Perry

(4 of 5) 'Mixed Emotions' by Kirsten Perry.

(5 of 5) 'Doge' by Kirsten Perry.


We are interested in people. Being interested in people means we are also interested in the objects people make and use. Throughout the ground floor of Hotel Hotel we had several glass cabinets that we used as small exhibition spaces. They were curated by invited curators, artists and designers. The cabinets were a study of human and natural life – artefacts that document our existence and tell a story about who ‘we’ are and what is important to us.