One Day Shop by Perimeter Books

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(1 of 3) Dan Rule shot by Hardy Lohse

One Day Shop by Perimeter Books

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Melbourne’s Perimeter Books held a One Day Art Book Shop in the Nishi Gallery at Hotel Hotel.

The Perimeter One Day Shop featured a range of key titles from their Melbourne bookstore and distributor’s stable of European, US and Australian publishers, including new books from MACK (London), Spector Books (Leipzig), Editions Patrick Frey (Zurich), Libraryman (Paris/Stockholm), Nieves (Zurich), Architectural Association (London), The Ice Plant (Los Angeles), TBW (Oakland), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), Roma Publications (Amsterdam), Fw: Books (Amsterdam), Valiz (Amsterdam) and more.

Also on the day, Perimeter director Dan Rule and artist Bartolomeo Celestino discussed their book collaboration, ‘Surface Phenomena’ and its relationship to Celestino’s exhibition of new works that was  also show at the Nishi Gallery – ‘New Documents (all true things are equal)’. They also discussed Perimeter’s wider endeavours, including photography’s relationship to book making and publishing. 


(2 of 3) One Day Shop shot by Hardy Lohse

(3 of 3) One Day Shop shot by Hardy Lohse

One Day Shop

For us, architecture is perpetually unfinished, defined by the people who use it rather than by the people who created it. So that is why from time to time we changed our library at Hotel Hotel into a shop. A few times a year we asked friends who run shops that we like to come in and take over the library, transforming it to a one-day shop.