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Hotel Hotel Projects, Exhibition

A series of philosophical ruminations by Canberra artist Sacha Pola. Pola incorporates classical forms, heroes and motifs into his paintings to convey, address and question universal themes such as moderation and excess, wealth and poverty, equality and disparity, adversity and opportunity, vanity and humility.

While drawing from classicism, the works have a spontaneous energy. Everyday materials are used in their creation. Wooden boards are coated with neutral tones. Figurative silhouettes are overlaid freehand with spray paint using flashes of colour. Pseudo landscapes are constructed around the figurative elements. Narratives unfold as the work is being created. Messages and meanings reveal themselves unexpectedly.

Pola’s paintings wrestle between the classical and the contemporary highlighting that many of the social concerns mused over by early civilisations are as relevant today as they were back then.

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Nishi Gallery

The Nishi Gallery is a cultural space in Canberra, Australia. It explores human experience through the lens of local identity, objects and their meaning; the natural and built world; design experimentation and artisanal making. Our exhibitions program supports the subversive, the radical and the vernacular. Nishi Gallery is curated by Molonglo and made in collaboration with local, national and international artists and designers, creative and social enterprises, cultural organisations and independent curators via a submissions and commissions process.