Make Your Own Camp Furniture

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(1 of 1) Dale Hardiman shot by Lee Grant

Make Your Own Camp Furniture

Hotel Hotel Projects, Workshop

Humans have been making furniture from twigs since 3900BC. This workshop combined old and new methods of making. Melbourne based designer Dale Hardiman guided participants as they created bush furniture from foraged branches and a biodegradable plastic with nothing but their hands and a kettle.

This workshops was a chance to learn how to plan furniture designs, explore different structural techniques and discover how Plastimake works a biodegrable, remouldable plastic made in the ACT.

Fix and Make

You can buy thousands of units of something from somewhere in the world. This is necessary to an extent for today’s populations. But still, we are anxious. Who made those thousand units? Did we really need to order that many? And what do these things even mean to us when we don’t really know anything about them? Fix and Make is a series of workshops and talks that explores these anxieties. Through the practical, the experimental and the philosophical the program brought different people together to actively questions our relationship with and consumption of objects. Fix and Make invited individuals to reconnect with their hands. It encouraged new learning through doing. Through the process of fixing and making we reckon we can gain a better understanding of how things work and apply this knowledge to other areas of life: to solve our own problems; to take control of our own resources; to break our dependence on manufacturers who create products with built-in obsolescence. The annual program,running throughout 2016, brought together more than 60 collaborators to lead workshops and contribute to discussions from fields as diverse as neuroscience, art, design and craft, food, education, music, psychology and the environment.