Shelter: Life on the Move

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(1 of 5) Desert Seal, Andreas Vogler, Germany, 2004. Polyethylene-coated fabric, electric fan, solar panel, nylon rope, zipper. Shot by Architecture and Vision

Shelter: Life on the Move

Hotel Hotel Projects, Talk

In Western societies, we tend to think of our homes as permanent and static structures but many factors are leading us to question this. Unaffordable housing, rental shortages, increases in homelessness, and human displacement as the result of conflict, natural disasters and rising sea levels are all prompting us to rethink the idea of what a shelter can be.

In this lunch-time talk Rebecca Roke, author of ‘Mobitecture’ and ‘Nanotecture’ (published by Phaidon Press), discussed mobile architecture in all its variety. She introduced an experimental collection of mobile, portable, and movable structures. Ranging from vernacular approaches to considered architectural forms the discussion featured projects such as houseboats, huts and caravans, alongside disaster shelters, wearable structures and futuristic prototypes.

(2 of 5) Y-BIO, Archinoma, Ukraine, 2009. Steel framing, canvas, timber, steel staircase. Shot by Aventoza

(3 of 5) Camper Bike, Kevin Cyr, USA, 2008. Tricycle, corrugated aluminium, Plexiglas, plywood, timber. Shot by Kevin Cyr

(4 of 5) Nomad Sauna, Marco Casagrande, Norway, 2012. Timber, metal. Shot by Casagrande & Bjørnådal

(5 of 5) Camper Kart, Kevin Cyr, USA, 2009. Steel shopping cart, chipboard, nylon, canvas. Shot by Kevin Cyr

Salon Gatherings

The Monster Salon and Dining rooms at Hotel Hotel were a reinterpretation of the suburban family rooms of immigrants in Australia post WWII. It was a domestic place. At once a parlour for receiving guests, for talking art and politics, a living room for lolling around by the fire with friends, a place for listening to music, and a room for sharing meals. At times, we gathered old and new friends here to exchange ideas and we host conversations, poetry readings and performances. Fittingly, we often shared stories about immigration, about how immigration increases the textures and layers of a place’s cultural fabric. These are important stories. Especially in a time when the number of people displaced by conflict is at its highest since the aftermath of WWII.