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Architecture Words 5: Form, Function, Beauty, Max Bill

(1 of 4) Architecture Words 5: Form, Function, Beauty, Max Bill

Selected writings of Max Bill – this collection makes many of his key texts available in English for the first time. Max Bill (1904-1994) – a product of the Bauhaus at Dessau, pupil of Walter Gropius, Vasily Kandinsky and Paul Klee – was a virtuoso designer whose work overleaped disciplinary boundaries, encompassing architecture, painting, sculpture, industrial and graphic design, as well as education.


Die Son Sien Alles, Viviane Sa

(2 of 4) Die Son Sien Alles, Viviane Sa

Viviane Sassen (b. 1972, Dutch) photographed the series Die Son Sien Alles in the townships of Cape Town during several visits between 2002 and 2004, looking at the interior decoration of people’s homes, shops and bars. This is her third book for Libraryman, following Sol & Luna (2010) and A day in the life of… (2009).


More than what there is, Elizabeth Newman<br />
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(3 of 4) More than what there is, Elizabeth Newman

Since the 1980s, prominent Australian artist Elizabeth Newman’s practice has addressed questions of representation and subjectivity, offering articulate reflections on philosophical propositions, theory, politics, art, artists, aesthetics and everyday life concerns. This publication, which brings imaginative vision to the notion of monograph-as-art-practice, functions both as an artist book and as a survey of Newman’s paintings, installations, objects, collages, text works and writing over the past three decades. The book documents around 150 works in full colour, and gathers together many of Newman’s own written pieces, along with new commissioned texts from Juan Davila, Damiano Bertoli, Geoff Lowe (with Jacqueline Riva), Kate Briggs, Eve Sullivan and Michael Graf. The monograph has been designed by Newman in collaboration with Warren Taylor. Published by Melbourne-based contemporary art publisher 3-Ply.


Dans La Lune, Fanette Mellier

(4 of 4) Dans La Lune, Fanette Mellier

Dans La Lune (The Whole of the Moon: In the Moon) by celebrated French typographer, graphic designer and artist Fanette Mellier subtly illustrates lunar phases, day-by-day during November (the month of the book’s release). At once poetic and technically rigorous, this gorgeous volume – lavishly printed in eight pantone colours – arrives courtesy of Editions du livre (Paris).



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