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A story about Honey Fingers and Many Many and their ‘Swarm Trap’ workshop held as part of our Fix and Make series in November, 2015.

Rachel of Many Many and Nic of Honey Fingers shot by Lee Grant.

(1 of 1) Rachel of Many Many and Nic of Honey Fingers shot by Lee Grant.

Rachel Elliot-Jones (Melbourne) and Stephanie Poole (Zurich) are the co-founders of Many Many – an itinerant curatorial and publishing platform that investigates rituals of making and interdisciplinary design.

Of the many many excellent things they do, worthy of note is their brilliant occasional publication ‘House Wear’. ‘House Wear’ looks at the condition of impermanence in our everyday lives and the effects this has on contemporary design, art, architecture and writing.

They have applied these thoughts to bees. Swarm traps to be precise; as part of a project with collaborative studio and urban beekeeping network Honey Fingers (Melbourne).



Many Many, Honey Fingers and beekeepers Dermot and Sarah Asis Sha’non (Canberra) are holding a Swarm Trap workshop as part of our Fix and Make program. At the workshop you’ll learn how to make a pre-fab house for bees (to take home) and what to do if bees move in. If you are in Melbourne a session is being held at the MPavillion Sunday 15.11; if you are in Canberra book your spot now for Spring.


Fix and Make – Our project made up of workshops and talks. Through the practical, the experimental and the philosophical we try to bring different people together to actively questions our relationship with and consumption of objects.

Date 23 Oct, 2015
People MANY MANY, Rachel Elliot-Jones, Stephanie Poole
Place Ground floor, Melbourne
Category ↳ Design
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