The daily rituals of Matt and Lentil

Research into our study of Daily Rituals by Matt and Lentil Purbrick, 2015.

Making breakfast

(1 of 8) Making breakfast


(2 of 8) Coffee

Breakfast in bed

(3 of 8) Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

(4 of 8) Breakfast in bed

Getting up

(5 of 8) Getting up

Boots on

(6 of 8) Boots on

Sharing pickings with Sean

(7 of 8) Sharing pickings with Sean


(8 of 8) Bath

Matt and Lentil are farmers. In Tablik, out Shepparton way, they run a three acre farm of vegetables, fruits, flowers, eggs and dairy. Through their website Grown & Gathered they share their adventures in sustainable living and tips on how to master life’s fundamentals. They came to stay with us. It was lovely. We got a glimpse into the small but purpose-filled rituals that make up their daily life.


Words by Dan Honey, images by Matt and Lentil.


Daily Rituals – A project about the (sometimes strange, sometimes mundane) rituals that people practice in private.

Date 25 May, 2017
People Grown and Gathered, Lentil Purbrick, Matt Purbrick
Category ↳ Photography
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