Beetroot old fashioned

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Whole beetroot
60ml Angostura 1919 rum
10ml organic agave nectar
2 dashes of Master of Malt black pepper bitters
A large orange twist


Beetroot ice rockPeel and juice beetroot with an electric juicer. Water down the mix with 20% water, fill ice cube mold, place in freezer and wait until it is fully frozen. You can use big cube or sphere molds.

Drink methodPut your beetroot ice rock in a rocks glass. Add the agave, bitters and rum. Stir it with a bar spoon until the glass starts to frost slightly. Finish it all off with a generous sized orange twist – make sure you rub it all along the top edge of the glass so it’s the first thing you smell and taste.


Recipe – A collection of food and drink recipes with love from the Monster kitchen and bar.

Date 9 Apr, 2017
People Sean McConnell
Place Monster
Category ↳ Food
Series ↳ Recipe
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