Dermot AsIs Sha’Non and bees

A story about one of the original Hotel Hotel collaborators, Dermot AsIs Sha’Non.

Dermot AsIs Sha’Non and bees by Lee Grant

(1 of 1) Dermot AsIs Sha’Non and bees by Lee Grant

Dermot AsIs Sha’Non is the horticulturalist and beekeeper tending to the three hives of bees (around 30,000 little individuals) that supply the honey for Hotel Hotel. The hives are located in the wetlands at the back of Kingston, across the lake from Hotel Hotel. The bees foraging for natives, blossoms and blackberry flowers are making a paddock honey that is extracted using the centrifugal approach (without heat) to retain the beautiful wild flavour and health benefits of raw honey. Honey from the three hives is bottled separately to allow the individual personality of the hive to be preserved.


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Date 21 May, 2015
People Dermot AsIs Sha’Non
Place Monster
Category ↳ Food
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