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'Mityana Pilgrims' Centre Shrine' designed by Justus Dahinden, 1988.

(1 of 1) 'Mityana Pilgrims' Centre Shrine' designed by Justus Dahinden, 1988.

Favourite building number seventeen. ‘Mityana Pilgrims’ Centre Shrine’ designed by Justus Dahinden in 1988 in Uganda, East-Central Africa.

This place for worhsip was built twenty years after Uganda achieved independence from Britain in 1962. It was designed to look like coconut segments; one of the lower towers includes an open drumming platform.

Dahinden was influenced by the Metabolists, a group of Japanese architects from the 1960s who were themselves influenced by a broad range of ideas from Marxist theory to biological processes. Their Manifesto is made up of four essays entitled ‘Ocean City’, ‘Space City’, ‘Towards Group Formation’ and ‘Material and Man’.



Favourite building – 'Favourite Buildings' is an ongoing research project that compiles our favourite buildings out there in the world. There is a definite bent towards brutalist architecture, modernist architecture and vernacular architecture. We're not quite sure where this will go but we're hoarders at heart so we'll keep collecting. One day it will make sense.

Date 24 Apr, 2017
Category ↳ Architecture
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