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Photo: Lee Grant

At Hotel Hotel, we watch people with curiosity. What we see informs the way we design and think about our spaces. Our fascination with human actions and behaviours is the catalyst for Daily Rituals – a new creative project and ongoing study that explores the weird and wonderful things people do regularly as rituals.

Murakami, jogging. Photograph by Patrick Fraser. Via: The Guardian.

We think of a ritual as a sequence of actions conducted routinely that move us from one state to another. Unlike habits, rituals carry emotional meaning. Rituals can be practical and logical, preparing us for what comes next, like drinking a coffee or reading in bed, or completely irrational – like composer Tchaikovsky who would walk for exactly two hours every day believing if he returned even one minute early he would be faced with a great calamity… Weird! So good.

Daily Rituals explores the diversity and meanings of rituals across different contexts, cultures and communities. We hope to reveal the common gestures that unify us – actions that help guide us through the complexity and confusion of modern life but also the absurd – highlighting the glorious ridiculousness of humanity.

Daily Rituals films with Art Direction by U-P, Director of Photography by Liam Gilmour

To begin the conversation, we have commissioned a series of films that reenact the daily rituals of interesting people in the rooms of the hotel. On instagram we’ll be sharing some of the more unusual rituals we’ve uncovered. Yep, it turns out humans are rather odd… We’d also like to know what you get up to when no one is watching. Add to the study by fessing up your daily rituals on insta #dailyrituals @hotel_hotel