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Angélique’s raspberry, lychee and rose tartlets

Monster's pastry chef Angélique has given us her tartlet recipe to give to you.

Cucumber and lime granita

Dan Flatt from the Monster kitchen and bar gave us his recipe for dressing oysters with cucumber and lime granita. We're making it in the hope that it will deliver Summer to us quickly.

A fold of chairs

The collective noun for chairs is a fold of chairs. There is also such a thing as a fold of sheep. And a fold of cattle. An unkindness of ravens. A flight of stairs. There is a mob of wombats...

The Story of the Salon and Dining rooms

The story of the design of the Monster’s Salon and Dining rooms may not be one that you’d expect. It draws on a rich and important chapter of immigration to Australia from the 1940s to 1980s.

Maurice’s Monsters

Maurice Golotta did the paintings on the outside of the Salon and Dining rooms at the Monster kitchen and bar… A crazy ass mix of the abstract, colours, and fittingly, monsters.

Cauliflower with hazelnut, burnt butter, reggiano and truffle

In light of it being truffle season, Sean gave us his cauliflower recipe. It has truffle in it. It's good.

Oyster dressing with guanciale with piquillo peppers, basil and chilli

You can still eat oysters when its cold. You just need a little chilli. Dan Flatt our head chef at Monster gave us a recipe.

Orange and cassia housemade soda

Toni from the Monster kitchen and bar gave us his recipe for orange and cassia housemade sodas.


The O’Connor

O'Connor - a suburb in the north of Canberra. Its a lovely leafy place. And one of Tioni's cocktails - Zubrowka and nori seaweed infused shōchū.