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Hotel Hotel Friday 23:22 PM

Eric Ahlfors

Eric Ahlfors and his team re-upholstered much of the furniture at Hotel Hotel. Their particular focus was on returning some of the more elaborate armchairs to their former glory.

Edwin Odermatt

Edwin Odermatt re-upholstered lots of our furniture.

John McPhee

John McPhee’s thinking and writing shaped the Nishi Broached collection found on the ground floor of Hotel Hotel.

Human space war machine


A documentation of socialist industrial products and workers, of a young Ai Weiwei, Mark Manders' process, and nomadic symbols.

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae created the beautiful mirror behind the Hotel Hotel reception desk.

Her work is part of the Hotel Hotel Broached Commission. This piece takes inspiration from the Capitol Theatre in Melbou

The peaches you were probably saving for breakfast

For painter and sculptor, Jahnne Pasco-White, poetry and painting go hand in hand. We recently became the proud owners of her work ‘The peaches you were probably saving for breakfast’.

Louis Berczi

Louis Berczi made many of the custom designs for Hotel Hotel.


New York, San Fran, the Hills and some moonshine.

Charles Wilson and the hefty beasts

Charles Wilson. Part of the Broached Commissions mob who made functional pieces for Hotel Hotel inspired by the Griffins... From his mind we scored two couches.