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Hotel Hotel Saturday 0:00 AM

Maurice’s Monsters

Maurice Golotta did the paintings on the outside of the Salon and Dining rooms at the Monster kitchen and bar… A crazy ass mix of the abstract, colours, and fittingly, monsters.

Gerard Havekes

Gerard Havekes’ tiles are lain at the Monster kitchen and bar - inside and outside the Mosaic room.

The ways that people endeavour

Resoundingly, one of the words continuously used to describe Lee Grant is honest. She will tell you what she thinks. Avoid eye contact and back away slowly if you aren’t up for the truth.

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae created the beautiful mirror behind the Hotel Hotel reception desk.

Her work is part of the Hotel Hotel Broached Commission. This piece takes inspiration from the Capitol Theatre in Melbou

The peaches you were probably saving for breakfast

For painter and sculptor, Jahnne Pasco-White, poetry and painting go hand in hand. We recently became the proud owners of her work ‘The peaches you were probably saving for breakfast’.

Al Stark

Al Stark has worked on lots of aspects of Hotel Hotel. From the conceptual to the physical.

The riso dude

This is Xavier of Dawn Press, the laid-back, ever-patient riso dude who helped us figure out the best way to print our stationary.

Kris Coad

Kris Coad is a ceramic artist living and working in Melbourne.

Biological, geological, temporal

Steven has made two installations in the NewActon precinct (where we are) that act as a link between Nishi (the building we’re in…) and the greater Canberra (the city we’re in…) landscape.