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Future Perfect: Judy Natale

Chicago-based photographer Judy Natal’s ‘Future Perfect’ series explores the ever-changing landscapes of Earth and our relationships to them, as humans entangled in a global ecological framework.

When Lisa Sorgini Slept Over

Lisa Sorgini came and slept over the other week. She gave a new nice meaning to getting egg on your face.

Bye Swarm Traps

'Swarm Trap' was an exhibition curated by MANY MANY and Honey Fingers. Together, we presented it at the Nishi Gallery, here in Canberra, back in June.

The Backroads to Canberra

Axel Moline of 'Love Want' has come to stay a few times now... He always takes the backroads when he comes down from Sydney... And he always takes good photos.

Daily Rituals by Jessica Tremp

Jessica Tremp came to stay and she took some photos while she was here. We made a visual essay with them.

Actually… It was perfect.

It’s funny that an exhibition celebrating imperfection was in fact rather perfect. Let’s blame the eyes of Karen McCartney, Sharyn Cairns and Glen Probstel for that.

Disturbance, expanse and reverberation

An excerpt from the essay ‘Disturbance, expanse and reverberation’ written by Dan Rule, published in the book 'Surface Phenomena' (Perimeter Editions, 2016) by Bartolomeo Celestino.

Echoes in memory, object and earth

An excerpt from the essay ‘Echoes in memory, object and earth’ by Dan Rule, published in the book ‘Belanglo’ (Perimeter Editions, 2015) by Warwick Baker.

Swarm Trap

'Swarm Trap' is an exhibition of conceptual and functional architectural objects made for one of the planet’s more important species – bees.

Tim Jarvis: 25zero

As an environmental maverick, Tim Jarvis is a busy man.