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Hotel Hotel Friday 23:44 PM

Edwin Odermatt

Edwin Odermatt re-upholstered lots of our furniture.

Stop talking to me Ken now I have too many things to say about you

Ken Neale is not your average furniture dealer. For starters he doesn’t actually seem overly enthusiastic about parting with any of his furniture or precious objects.

The story of Robyn and the rugs

Robyn is a rug designer and trader who helped us create the one-of-a-kind, vegetable dyed pieces you can walk all over at Hotel Hotel.

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae created the beautiful mirror behind the Hotel Hotel reception desk.

Her work is part of the Hotel Hotel Broached Commission. This piece takes inspiration from the Capitol Theatre in Melbou

Charles Wilson and the hefty beasts

Charles Wilson. Part of the Broached Commissions mob who made functional pieces for Hotel Hotel inspired by the Griffins... From his mind we scored two couches.

Adam Goodrum

Adam Goodrum designed the concrete benches found around NewActon, the wooden bowls found in each hotel room, the stools and chairs and the feasting table found in the Monster kitchen and bar...

Kevin Billiau

Kevin Billiau is the founder and principle of Allied French Polishers.

Lou and the Griffins

Lou Weis is the kind of guy you meet at a party and start a really interesting conversation with that forces you to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom every ten minutes.