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A fold of chairs

The collective noun for chairs is a fold of chairs. There is also such a thing as a fold of sheep. And a fold of cattle. An unkindness of ravens. A flight of stairs. There is a mob of wombats...

The Don

Don Cameron is the film director that helped co-create, design and curate the rooms at Hotel Hotel (alongside Nectar of Molonglo Group and Ken of Darlinghurst). Yes film director.

Mad bruise quote

Eric Ahlfors

Eric Ahlfors and his team re-upholstered much of the furniture at Hotel Hotel. Their particular focus was on returning some of the more elaborate armchairs to their former glory.

Edwin Odermatt

Edwin Odermatt re-upholstered lots of our furniture.

The story of Robyn and the rugs

Robyn is a rug designer and trader who helped us create the one-of-a-kind, vegetable dyed pieces you can walk all over at Hotel Hotel.

Rob Gordon Australia

There is almost nothing rarer in Australian industry than intergenerational success amongst artisanal product manufacturers. Founded in 1945, Rob Gordon Australia is just such a rare beast.

In praise of shadows quote

What’s with the decor (and the plight of the working traveller)

If you spend your whole day working your ass off and thinking about your next meeting or whatever it infiltrates your psyche and you become a boring work person. Travelling for work can be like that.

Louis Berczi

Louis Berczi made many of the custom designs for Hotel Hotel.