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Hotel Hotel Saturday 0:34 AM

This guy is a wrecking machine and he’s hungry!

Scottie came and took some pictures of our Apartments. He kept quoting 'Rocky' films (yes...all of them...). It was annoying. But he shot some lovely views.

Eric Ahlfors

Eric Ahlfors and his team re-upholstered much of the furniture at Hotel Hotel. Their particular focus was on returning some of the more elaborate armchairs to their former glory.

Edwin Odermatt

Edwin Odermatt re-upholstered lots of our furniture.

What’s with the decor (and the plight of the working traveller)

If you spend your whole day working your ass off and thinking about your next meeting or whatever it infiltrates your psyche and you become a boring work person. Travelling for work can be like that.

Louis Berczi

Louis Berczi made many of the custom designs for Hotel Hotel.

Ken Neale

Ken Neale has an encyclopedic mind on all 20th century classic design matters… And a wonderful but unexplainable understanding of how objects should be assembled.

Don Cameron

Don Cameron has helped curate many of the spaces at Hotel Hotel. His method is one of staging for meaningful experience.

Phill Rushby

On paper, Phill is the director of sales and marketing at Molonglo Group... But really he is ‘that nice guy that thinks a lot about people and place and is involved in the operation of everything”.

Johnathan and Nectar Efkarpidis, founders

Brothers Johnathan and Nectar Efkarpidis are the founders of Hotel Hotel.