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The rationale for Object Therapy begins with simple observations: professional repair services are in decline, consumerism is rampant, and we are generating more and more waste.

Object Therapy

Through this practical study of repair we hope to build a new body of knowledge around repair, the design process, and objects and their meaning.

Oyster dressing with guanciale with piquillo peppers, basil and chilli

You can still eat oysters when its cold. You just need a little chilli. Dan Flatt our head chef at Monster gave us a recipe.

How to make toys from trash

A Fix and Make DIY video on how to make a hat from an old newspaper.

How to make camp furniture

A Fix and Make DIY video on how to make biodegradable camp furniture.

Dale, doing good

A curious mind

A walk about with Nectar Efkarpidis, Hotel Hotel’s cofounder and co-curator, will inevitably find you wandering down alleyways, through bookshops, flea markets, second hand shops and artists’ studios…

The Ownership of Things

Fix and Make market day

Many Many

Many Many - an itinerant curatorial and publishing platform that investigates rituals of making and interdisciplinary design.