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Hotel Hotel Friday 23:25 PM

Adam and Amy Coombes

Adam and Amy Coombes made the Hotel Hotel wardrobe. The brief was initially a challenging one as we didn’t want a uniform per se because of, amongst other things, the hierarchy uniforms tend to evoke.

Beg, borrow and steal

The only truly sustainable product is the one that doesn’t exist…That was the starting point to the ethos that has shaped the branding exercise that Round came up with for us - beg, borrow and steal.

Lucy McRae

Lucy McRae created the beautiful mirror behind the Hotel Hotel reception desk.

Her work is part of the Hotel Hotel Broached Commission. This piece takes inspiration from the Capitol Theatre in Melbou

Adam Goodrum

Adam Goodrum designed the concrete benches found around NewActon, the wooden bowls found in each hotel room, the stools and chairs and the feasting table found in the Monster kitchen and bar...