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Hotel Hotel Friday 23:00 PM

Abacus by Anna Vardendorff

For School

Curated by Bree Claffey (Mr Kitly) and Sarah K (The Other Hemisphere / supercyclers), ‘for school’ is an exhibition of handmade objects for use at school created by an invited group of Australian designers and makers.

The objects have been designed with the Japanese retail market in mind and were first shown at Tokyo Design Week 2015. The project bucks retail production conventions. All items will be made to order based on demand, producing only what is necessary–shifting away from an industrialised model of creating objects on masse. Emphasis has been placed on carefully crafted, handmade works with minimal environmental impact and each designer has been intricately involved in the making of their objects. Encouraging full appreciation, price points reflect each objects real value; the time, skill, care and cleverness that has gone into the making.


Anna Varendorff
Ben Blakebrough
Bridget Bodenham
Daniel Emma
Dear Plastic
Elbow Wrkshp
Field Experiments
Henry Wilson
Kenny Yong Soo Son
Many Many

WhenSaturday 7.11 to 5.2 2016
WhereThe object cabinets in the public lounge of Hotel Hotel
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