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Embracing Innovation Volume 6

The sixth in the series, ‘Embracing Innovation’, looks at innovation in the arts with a focus on craft and design.

With works by…

Discover how artists are using cutting-edge technologies to change the way they engage, design and create.

See computer algorithms translate into beautiful smocking embroidery, watch electricity generate inside stained glass infused with photovoltaic solar cells and interact with small devices that influence feelings.

  • James Mazengarb
  • Dr Guy Keulemans
  • Dorothy Hardy
  • Tamara Efrat, Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit Zoran
  • Jennifer Robertson
  • Halie Rubenis
  • Dr Yuko Kinoshita, Dr Carlos Montana-Hoyos and Sam Tomkins. Collaborators: Dr. Eddi Pianca, Dr. Stephen Trathen, Bill Shelley, Professor Jiro Sagara, Sami Ben Fradj and Ali Kuanee Nejad
  • Mehrnoush Latifi, Dr Judith Glover and Dr Stephen Barrass
  • Jenny Judge
WhenUntil Saturday 27 August
WhereCraft ACT
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