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Shelter: Life on the Move talk with Rebecca Roke

Wednesday 5 July, 12.30 – 1.15PM
Mosaic Room, Hotel Hotel
$25, includes lunch with coffee or tea.


This talk aims at questioning our status quo when it comes to domestic architecture and ways of living. In Western societies, we tend to think of our homes as permanent and static structures but many factors are leading us to question this. Unaffordable housing, rental shortages, increases in homelessness, and human displacement as the result of conflict, natural disasters and rising sea levels are all prompting us to rethink the idea of what a shelter can be.

In this lunch-time talk Rebecca Roke, author of ‘Mobitecture’ and ‘Nanotecture’ (published by Phaidon Press), will discuss mobile architecture in all its variety. She will introduce an experimental collection of mobile, portable, and movable structures.

Ranging from vernacular approaches to considered architectural forms the discussion will feature projects such as houseboats, huts and caravans, alongside disaster shelters, wearable structures and futuristic prototypes.

The ticket price to this talk includes a delicious Monster sandwich and a coffee or tea.



Rebecca Roke writes about architecture and design, drawing on her architectural background and extensive career editing and researching in that field. Rebecca was previously editor of ‘Monument’ magazine in Australia and at Foster + Partners in London. She is the author of ‘Mobitecture’ and ‘Nanotecture’, published by Phaidon Press and consults to leading publishers, developers and architects.

WhenWednesday 5 July, 12:30PM - 1:15PM
WhereMosaic Room, Hotel Hotel
Cost$25, includes lunch

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