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Inca llama model, 1400-1550 CE, Peru.

The Inca built their empire without horses, relying instead on llamas. Llama models and live llamas were frequently offered to the gods. Many gold objects were melted down during the Spanish inquisition and today gold Inca artefacts are rare.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

Based on the acclaimed BBC radio series by former British Museum director Neil MacGregor – this exhibition is a history of the world and shared humanity told through objects from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

From functional artefacts like early stone tools to religious icons and contemporary works of art. The NMA is going to add an object (to make it ‘The History of the World Through 101 Objects) to add to the collection and the story.

WhenFrom Friday 9 September until Sunday 29 January
WhereNational Museum of Australia
Cost$20 adult / $15 concession / $8 child / $45 family

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