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Bee-Friendly Backyards

We need our bees! Bees pollinate around two thirds of Australia’s food and yet their numbers are declining rapidly worldwide due to pesticides, diseases, monocropping, flowerless landscapes and decreases in their gene pool. There is a lot we can do in our own backyards and communities to help our bees thrive and support the variety of interconnected plant and animal life in our gardens.

Come and hear from Helen from ACT for Bees and beekeeper Dermot who will show you simple steps towards a bee-friendly backyard and how to increase and support your local bee populations. Helen and Dermot will take you through backyard bee habitat, what threatens bee populations, what plants to grow and HOW to grow them, how to propagate these plants and how to help them flourish. They will also introduce you to the basics of backyard beekeeping.

As a bonus, participants will be given a ‘starter’ bee-friendly plant and they’ll teach you the simple basics of propagating these plants for family and friends, community, schools.

WhenTuesday 17.5 at 6PM
WhereCanberra Environment Centre

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