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'Jokes in Art' by Heidi Lefebvre

Deadpan: Heidi Lefebvre

Deadpan is an exhibition of drawings responding to humanities absurd notions of self- importance.

The seriousness of our destructive influence on the world and our adherence to separating ourselves from the inevitable passing of time is similar to a magician or clowns fragile persona.
We blur the lines between fiction and reality; The Time-lords. We covert the objects our ancestors made- The ancients. But all the while there is a suspicion that it is all smoke and mirrors- The Sickness.

Send in the clowns
Send in the clowns
Their already hereeee (note waver in singers voice).

An Artist Workshop will be held on Friday 29 April from 10am -12noon in the Printmedia & Drawing workshop, Drawing Room.

WhenTuesday 19 April to Saturday 30 April
WhereSchool of Art Foyer Gallery
MoreANU School of Art

It’s best to double check that events are happening – sometimes things don’t go to plan.
“Stercus accidit.” — David Hume.