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Coil Creatures by Tundi-Rose Hammond, 2015.

Emerging Contemporaries

Craft and Design Centre’s annual curated exhibition Emerging Contemporaries shines a spotlight on the next wave of craft and design practitioners.

Reminiscences and Reflections Mi-Kyung Myang
Myang’s solo exhibition of paper brings together Korean and western influences through her experiences living in both East Asian and Western cultures.

Looking for the i in desire Meredith Hughes
Using textile approaches such as printing, cutting, piecing and Indian embroidery, Hughes deconstructs strategies of Buddhist meditation on emptiness and explores the connectivity of the space between object and representation.

Showing in the Crucible Showcase
Bula’Bula Arts. Early career artists from the Ramingining community using traditional craft techniques to create stories of Yolngu culture and country through artworks.

WhenThursday 11.2 to Saturday 26.3
WhereCraft ACT

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