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An exhibition by Jane Duong and Chris Holly of hand printed argentotypes made over two years at Namadgi.

Granite and grain

An exhibition by Jane Duong and  Chris Holly of hand printed argentotypes made over two years at Namadgi.


“Our images focus on natural processes, like erosion, growth and the repetitious illumination of the land by sunlight. These relentless happenings of nature translate surfaces from one form and structure one another,” explains Jane Duong.

“The photographic processes we adopted cause some erosion of information through transformative steps of exposing, processing, washing, rinsing and drying – much as the land surface in Namadgi does over and over to shape its form,” she says. “We thought that this would be the best way to explore these events and phenomena within the images themselves.”

“By using film and then scanning to producing a negative on an overhead transparency, hand coating paper with a photographic emulsion and then making the print using UV light, we echo the of processes of nature in Namadgi,” says Duong.

WhenOpens Thursday 8 September at 6PM runs Sunday 25 September

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