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'Once Upon a Time in America', 1984. Directed by Sergio Leone

Once Upon a Time in America

The American underworld + Robert de Niro = Cinema Gold.

Based on Henry Grey’s novel the ‘The Hoods’, ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ chronicles the rise of a gang from Lower East Side Manhattan to the top of New York City’s world of organised crime. Director Sergio Leone created an unconventional movie narrative through his distortion of time through flashbacks. Upon release, Leone’s vision was tampered with by studio bigwigs who heavily edited and reordered scenes in their chronological order.

Now carefully restored to its original glory the Real Mcoy Film Group will be showing the film in two parts over two Sunday’s.

WhenPart 1 Sunday 16 October. Part 2 Sunday 23 October.
WhereTheatre of Canberra Museum and Art Gallery
MoreThe Reel McCoy Film Group

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