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'Out of the Past' still.

Out of the Past

USA · 1947 · 97 min. 
Director Jacques Tourneur 
Cast Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas, Jane Greer

The quiet life of small-town gas station owner Jeff Bailey (Robert Mitchum) is interrupted when a figure from his shady past, small-time crook Joe Stephanos (Paul Valentine), recognizes him. Stephanos’ boss, crooked gambler Whit Sterling (Kirk Douglas), had hired Jeff to track down Kathie Moffat (Jane Greer), a girlfriend who shot Whit and made off with $40,000 of his dough…

“My feelings? About ten years ago, I hid them somewhere and haven’t been able to find them.” 


WhenSunday 27 November at 1PM
WhereCanberra Museum and Gallery
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