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Patterns of Now by Luke Chiswell.

Patterns of Now

Patterns of Now is the festival theme for Art, Not Apart 2016. This exhibition presents artists’ opinions on social, environmental and political issues facing the world today. Using visual patterns as a metaphor, work in the exhibition crosses boundaries and sheds light on a global state of concern for time and memory, relationships, community, corruption, security, and surveillance.

Nishi Gallery audiences are expected to be challenged to consider the subtle complexity of the issues expressed in visual form before them in the exhibition.

Join the festival and exhibition launch Friday 18.3. Drinks, art and live music (TOYO) from 6PM to 8PM.

Hannah Quinlivan
David Mankey
Blaide Lallemand
Luke Chiswell
Katy Mutton
Tommy Balogh
Franki Sparke
Curated by David Williams AM and Anna Trundle

WhenFriday 18.3 to Sunday 3.4 OPENING party Friday 18.3 at 6PM
WhereNishi Gallery

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