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Preserving the Harvest: Workshop Series

A workshop series on how to extend the life of your produce. Hands-on demos, take home notes and the day is catered for. Do one or if you’re a keen bean all of them.

Sunday 6.3 – Sugar and vinegar preservation of fruits and vegetables
Learn how to make jam, jelly, paste, cordial, chutney, relish and sauce using sugar and vinegar.

Sunday 10.4 – Fermentation of vegetables and fruits
Learn how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, tempeh, ketchup and Indian chutney.

Sunday 8.5 – Air exclusion, salt and fermentation for preserving meat and dairy
Learn how to make yoghurt, cheese, milk kefir, confit or rillettes.

WhenSunday 6.3, Sunday 10.4, Sunday 8.5
WhereCaroola Farm
Cost$370 for three $130 for one 9AM to 4PM

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