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'Ambivalent' by Rodel Tapaya, 2016.
Acrylic on canvas, courtesy of the artist and A3.

Rodel Tapaya

A newly commissioned triptych by Filipino artist, Rodel Tapaya – ‘The promise land: the moon, the sun, the stars’ (2016), as well as paintings, works on paper and sculptural installations.

Tapaya appropriates myth, folktale and contemporary reality to comment on the Philippines’ past, present and future.

“I realise that old stories are not just metaphors. I can find connections with contemporary time. It’s like the myths are poetic narrations of the present. Sometimes, the present events are so hard to grasp that they could be mistaken as a myth, or folktale, just to enable people to cope.” – Rodel Tapaya.

WhenUntil Sunday 20 August
WhereNGA, Contemporary galleries

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