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The Love of Things

It’s a tale of cheap but wild romance. Department stores, strip malls, online shops, arcades, shopping centres… Our urban landscapes and digital worlds are filled with places that are filled with things for us to buy. Why? Because we love stuff. We are hot for it. This talk explores the dynamics of why we buy. Why are we seduced by certain objects? What factors influence our buying decisions? And what impacts do these decisions have? Does buying make us happy? Why do we keep coming back for more?

Artistic Director Avi Amesbury, psychologist Professor Mike Kyrios, product designers Sasha Titchkosky and Russel Koskela of Koskela and environmentalist Tim Silverwood will discuss all these good things with gentle guidance from Genevieve Jacobs of the ABC.

Ticket price includes a drink.

WhenWednesday 10.2
WherePalace Electric Cinema
Cost$25 / $15
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