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Hotel Hotel Sunday 15:10 PM

Xylouris White - George Xylouris and Jim White shot by Manolis Mathioudakis.

Xylouris White at Monster // Sold Out

Xylouris White is playing in the Monster kitchen and bar’s Salon and Dining rooms at Hotel Hotel on Saturday 11 March.

Xylouris White is the creation of two incredible musicians – Cretan lutenist George Xylouris and Melbourne born drummer Jim White of the Dirty Three. Like raki mixed with honey to make rakomelo – this is a collab with a kick.

Xylouris White’s performance ranges from intense, wildly primal and rugged rhythms to a languorous nostalgic place you didn’t remember until now.

Those that try to classify it do so fitting it into all the good boxes – traditional Greek folk melodies, free jazz, post-punk, bluegrass and maybe even a bit of klezmer.

This show is part of a tour that follows the release of ‘Black Peak’, the duo’s second album, described by Songlines as “astounding stuff”.

Still coming down from a recent trip to Athens, Monster kitchen and bar chef Sean McConnell will be serving up his spin on a shared taverna dinner before the performance. It’s too bad we can’t smoke ciggies in there.


“This is Cretan folk music played with a rock’n’roll intensity that is truly immersive.” — Uncut.

“These are haunted folk rituals feeling around deep inside the human psyche, grasping for rarely reached zones and nostalgia for submerged memories.” — The Quietus.


There are two ticket types to the show one involves dinner (excluding drinks it’s $80) and the other simple entry ($25).

On the menu 


Feta salad
Fennel pie
Bitter leaves

Ricotta honey pie
Watermelon and yoghurt.


WhenSaturday 11 March. Dinner from 7PM. Performance from 9PM.
WhereMonster’s Salon and Dining rooms

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