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Hotel Hotel Sunday 3:27 AM
Dingle House exteriour SLM © Michael Wee

Iconic Australian Houses

Karen McCartney writes of her research for her current exhibition ‘Iconic Australian Houses’... An exhibition about 30 of the most important Australian homes designed over the past 60 years...

Wee Jasper landscape shot by Lee Grant

Lee’s Landscapes

A collection of photos by Lee Grant taken on bush walks in and around Canberra.

Axel Moline _ Back Roads to Canberra4jpg

The Backroads to Canberra

Axel Moline of 'Love Want' has come to stay a few times now... He always takes the backroads when he comes down from Sydney... And he always takes good photos.

O'Connor Tennis Club shot by Lee Grant

Getting on the Grass

I would have liked to put it down to something less superficial but in reality it was romance and good looks that got me interested in tennis.

160512_National Gallery of Australia CR Will-Neill

Raw like sushi… Or the story of the misunderstood brutes of concrete architecture

Honey Fingers has a think about brutalist buildings. A little history. A little romance. And how maybe likening them to sushi may have changed everything.