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Hotel Hotel Sunday 14:20 PM

Brutti was very Buoni

'Brutti ma Buoni' is the name of a biscuit.

It literally translates from Italian as 'ugly but nice'. It's also the name of the short film we commissioned about Brutalist architecture in Canberra. Co-directed by Coco & Maximilian and U-P the film's score is a live one performed by Speak Percussion.

Brutalist buildings are polarising beasts. Over here, we love them dearly. Some see them as oppressive and unliveable. We wanted to try and understand them in a different way - just through our eyes and ears.

Canberra's reception of the little Brutti last Friday at the Nishi Gallery was immense. We wanted to give everyone a big kiss on the mouth for coming out in the cold and for being a beautiful and thoughtful crowd. After the screening Tilman played modern minimalist records. We drank Monster cocktails and wine and talked about the need to protect and preserve our big Canberra brutes.

Below are some photos of the night shot by Arnad Hajdic.