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Louis Berczi by Lee Grant

Louis Berczi made many of the custom designs for Hotel Hotel.

Berczi Copper Company provided the fabrication skills and perfectionism that delivered our editioned tables and stools designed by Don Cameron.

Berczi Copper Company’s work can also be found at the Commonwealth Bank in Martin Place, Sydney, and Parliament House, Canberra. A Google search, or an attempt to visit their website, will reveal only a few examples of the 40-year history this company has in refining and purveying great work in copper; an excellent example of how the artisan talent of Australia is known to only a few.

Having said all this, why is it that the best technical mechanists have the worst websites? There could be no greater example than the disparity between the quality of metal finishing work done by Louis Berczi and the experience of his one page website.


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