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Hotel Hotel Saturday 13:42 PM
The Botanical Gardens

Somewhere Else

Photos by Abigail Varney of Canberra.

'Stuck on you' made by Kirsten Perry.

An Ode to Désirée

There’s a lot of noise out there. Amidst the relentless wellness dogma and never-ending dog memes (although they’re pretty awesome), there’s very little space for personal reverie.



We are presenting 'Coincidences' by John Wardle Architects at the Nishi Gallery as part of our ongoing study of public and private realms and the ephemeral borders that connect and divide them.


The Grand Stair

The story of the grand stair that leads up to Hotel Hotel ground floor and the Monster kitchen and bar…


Same Same Different

When we asked Italian architect Gianmatteo Romegialli to tell us the history of his friendship with (Italian born and now) Canberra based architect Enrico Taglietti he wrote us a letter.

‘Future Perfect: 2010, Saguaro Wrapped’ by Judy Natal, 2008 to 2012.

Future Perfect: Judy Natale

Chicago-based photographer Judy Natal’s ‘Future Perfect’ series explores the ever-changing landscapes of Earth and our relationships to them, as humans entangled in a global ecological framework.

Dingle House exteriour SLM © Michael Wee

Iconic Australian Houses

Karen McCartney writes of her research for her current exhibition ‘Iconic Australian Houses’... An exhibition about 30 of the most important Australian homes designed over the past 60 years...



The rationale for Object Therapy begins with simple observations: professional repair services are in decline, consumerism is rampant, and we are generating more and more waste.

Wee Jasper landscape shot by Lee Grant

Lee’s Landscapes

A collection of photos by Lee Grant taken on bush walks in and around Canberra.


Object Therapy

Through this practical study of repair we hope to build a new body of knowledge around repair, the design process, and objects and their meaning.