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Helen and Dennis Smith by Lee Grant

Helen and Dennis Smith

Helen and Dennis Smith supply Monster kitchen and bar with free range eggs. Their chickens live on their property 33km north of Temora in the Riverina region of NSW, around 200km from Canberra. Their 3000 hens strut and peck their way around their large property of wild grasses and old gum trees in the shadow of a mountain ridge, under the protective supervision of two very inquisitive and energetic cattle dogs.

At night (when it’s too hot or cold for scratching for bugs and grubs) the hens retire to sheds which provide sheltered laying boxes, perches, feed, and water. Every aspect of their business (‘Smith’s Free Range Eggs’) is conducted in-house. The eggs are collected, weighed, packed and personally delivered by Helen and Dennis themselves.


A hen from Smith's Free Range Eggs by Lee Grant

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